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People in the small Pennsylvanian town of Ansford are dying under gruesome and unexplained circumstances. Twenty-six year old Molly Silver, an inquisitive-by-nature aspiring reporter lost her mother in the same town, under the same questionable conditions many years ago.

Now she’s returning to attend the funeral of her Uncle Dom, the towns latest victim. As she re-connects with people from her past including her over-protective Aunt Gibby and her ditzy man-boy of a cousin Evan, she quickly learns that the towns local urban legend might have more to do with her own bloodline than just being another scary story told around the campfire.

To stop her recurring nightmares from becoming her permanent alarm clock, Molly has to find out what happened to her Mother on the night she died in Ansford.

Possessed pumpkins, bleeding trees, and elfin-like mini monsters only make up a few of the obstacles that lie beneath Ansford and in her veins.

“A chill runs through Ansford, and it’s not looking warm any time soon.”