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I teach privately out of my place in Queens and via Skype. I put an emphasis on building a technique based on finding an actors truth and letting that shine through within any given text. I teach beginners, intermediate, and above, as well as basic scene study/coaching. I also offer on-camera coaching with a professional camera/lighting set-up.


1 hr Private Lesson (Astoria) - $100 per hour

1 hr Skype Lesson/Coaching  - $80

Audition Self Tape - $50 per 45 min session.


Amanda is the "ONE" to call when you need something! She returns your phone calls and is absolutely dependable. She takes specific notes on your needs and DELIVERS! The 2 monologues I requested were excellent and were perfect for my personality and requirements, both comedy and serious. She created them within 2 days and offered to change anything that did not feel right. No changes were necessary . Thank you Amanda!”

-Victoria Regan, Former Ballroom Champion and Broadway Performer.

“Amanda was a tremendous influence with regards to my rise in confidence in the audition room. After my manager suggested I seek an audition coach, I went to Amanda to help flesh out the ideas and impulses I had with the script. After intensely working with Amanda for an hour, I felt fully confident and prepared to enter the audition room and give my best work. I know, after working with Amanda, that I gave the producers something to consider amidst the competition. I will continue to go to her for my most important auditions, and am very appreciative to have such a kind, knowledgeable source to go to.”

-Jake Lewis, Actor.

"Amanda Goodman is awesome to work with--she gives you so much as a reader!"

-Elana Safar, Actor.

"Not only is Amanda a superb reader, but her coaching enabled me to get to the essence of the character and the scene quickly and truthfully. Amanda is a pleasure to work with and extremely knowledgeable in all facets of the business!"

-Keith L. O'Brien, Actor.

Thanks to Amanda Goodman for making my taped audition look so pro - I was called into casting from the submission on an Amazon show!

-Rosalie Tenseth, Actor and Producer.

“I want to thank you for your help, preparing and taping auditions for ABC and NBC. Your sense of humor and ease helped me tap into the humor of the scene and brought it to a different level. I appreciated your recommendation on which take seemed best or rang truly relatable because of a nuance or natural response. We had a great rhythm! Thanks for keeping it real.”

-Laura Daniel, Actor.

“When I started lessons with Amanda almost a year ago, I had never tried my hand at acting and had no idea what I was getting into. Through her in depth lessons and intuitive articulation she helped spark in me a passion and an invigorated drive to explore the art form. “

-Jesse Russell, Actor and Musician.

“I came to Amanda because I was struggling to access specific emotions for a scene in a film I was working on. With one session, she helped me find the pieces I had been missing to connect my own personal experiences with my character and gave me new tools to add to my actor tool belt. Her encouragement throughout the session set up a safe place for me to explore and grow. Plus, she's a masterpiece!”

-Bethany Nicole Taylor, Actor.

Video Editing:

I am also a video editor who works off of Sony Vegas Pro where I have edited narratives/reels/comedy sketches/ads/promos and more! *Inquire for Rates.


Screenplay Analysis/ Story Notes - $50 per hour (Detailed notes on status of story and 1 meeting in person or skype on how to keep building!)

Copy Editing - (Screenplays/TV Pilots/Specs) - *$80 per hour. (*Packages avail based on project)

Writing Lessons - (Creativity, Story Structure, Building Character, & Finding one’s work flow) - $80 for 1 hour lesson.

Production Coaching - (I will lead you through a series of sessions that take you from an idea to several drafts, and finally getting your script production ready). - Various Packages Available based on needs.

For writers, actors, and artists.

Have a project you’re looking to have edited? Email me for rates!

Writing Coaching/Copy Editing: